All together
for health!

Health and Safety Protocol

Francal Feiras believes that the total care for health at events is a shared responsibility.
If everyone does their part, everyone wins!

Did you know that with some very simple and easy-to-adopt measures we can meet again safely? Yes, because even though the most challenging moment is behind us, we still need to keep some care to keep us together and well!
Our priority has always been and will continue to be the well-being of all people who work and visit our events..

We are prepared to receive everyone in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable to do business, interact and increase their knowledge.

Our role

The ‘All Together for Health’ protocol expresses this commitment and details everything we are doing 

 and that you too can do – to make our long-awaited reunion an unforgettable moment!

Who is it for?


Created in an easy and clear language, the Health and Safety Protocol puts into practice the expertise of more than five decades of Francal Feiras and is supported by the following pillars:

Vaccination: Proof of complete or incomplete vaccine schedule + negative test for Covid-19

Wearing a mask is recommended: People who wish to do so will be able to
dispense with the use of the mask


The correct use of a mask (covering the nose and chin) remains
mandatory for all people in the following situations:
Shuttle interior (if any) throughout the journey
At the Outpatient Center throughout the service

Social Distancing:




Hygiene: Alcohol in gel in sufficient quantity and easy access, reinforcement of the cleaning of all common areas
Knowing and respecting these pillars guarantee a better event for everyone!

All Together for Health is anchored in the best practices for holding events and translates the norms, requirements and recommendations of the main protocols developed for the sector to the reality of fairs. In the links below, you will find more details about the determinations of Organs responsible bodies that supported the construction of our protocol:

Find out about the detailed rules here that will apply to all our events while the Covid-19 prevention measures continue.

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