Party Experience: a unique industry event in Brazil generating R$ 17 billion in spending

With the country’s GDP growing at an annual pace of 1%, the party sector has seen growth of 14% and billions in revenue. The international event is being held in April, in the city of São Paulo, with 30,000 visitors from 20 countries expected to attend 

Brazil is recognized around the world for its beaches and parties. Brazilians are a happy and welcoming people, and even tougher times can be overcome with optimism and a good dose of informality. Want an example? In 2018, the country’s Gross Domestic Product rose just 1.1% year-over-year. While the party sector had much higher growth of 14%, with revenues of R$ 17 billion, according to data from Asbrafe – Brazilian Association of Party Goods Vendors.

The recent spike in growth in this market is a symptom not just of the nature of Brazil’s people, but also of a broader phenomenon: in Brazil as well, parties are no longer just a time to join friends and close family. They now bring together design, entertainment, technology and, more than anything, personalized experiences. In short, a party is no longer just a party.

With this in mind, four Brazilian trade shows with prestige to spare and decades-long traditions have now been combined into a single platform for content, innovation and business. Expo Festas, Expo Parques, Candy & Cake Show and Natal Show will be held at the same time – and in the same space – with the result being the Party Experience: an event with an unprecedented format, offering a complete and diverse experience for professionals from Brazil and around the world.

  • Expo Festas: represents the biggest experience in Latin America’s party market. It fosters business, providing networking and generating content that encourage the sector to take a different view: more creative, better trained and more entrepreneurial.
  • Expo Parques: It is the biggest and chief showcase for the indoor and outdoor amusement sector in Latin America. An event combining equipment and services for the entertainment sector with professional education content for the industry and buyers to explore new business possibilities. 
  • Candy & Cake Show: All kinds of surprises and innovation, focused on sweets, snacks and confectionaries at an event bringing together shop owners, cake designers and confectioners. It provides professional training for both advanced visitors and those just starting out, as well as opportunities to generate business.
  • Natal Show: The show has a new concept, joining luxury, innovation and creativity. In addition to featuring the latest launches and newest concepts in Christmas décor, it fosters exchange of experiences and generation of business based on meetings, talks and workshops.

Francal Feiras, the event’s organizer, has been contributing to development of the party sector since 2002. With the company’s maturity as well as its growing demands in mind, Francal Feiras saw this as an opportune time to be even more audacious. Party Experience came from this decision, translating the union of every segment and turning the event into a 360º platform for the entire domestic and international market.

Party Experience, the newest platform for products for parties and Christmas, confectionaries and attractions, is being held from April 16 to 19, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo. The event will take place in a unified 31.000 sqm pavilion, with each sector grouped together in different areas, helping all visitors to more easily make their way around the show. The show is expected to draw 30,000 visitors from 20 different countries.

PARTY EXPERIENCE: The best experience ever!

  • Expo Festas by Asbrafe – International Party Products and Solutions Fair
  • Expo Parques – International Attractions Industry Fair
  • Candy & Cake Show – Sweets, Confectionery and Snacks Trade Fair
  • Natal Show by Abup – Christmas Products, Decoration and Gift Fair

Date: April 16 to 19

Time: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Venue: Expo Center Norte

Execution: Francal Feiras

Collaboration: ASBRAFE – Brazilian Association of Party Goods Sellers and ABUP – Brazilian Association of Homeware and Gifts Companies

Support: APROFESTAS – Association of Party Market Professionals; ADIBRA – Association of Amusement Park Companies of Brazil; ABIFEST – Brazilian Association of Importers, Manufacturers and Packagers of Party Goods; SINDILOJAS – Merchants’ Trade Association of São Paulo and APAS SHOW.

Member of the IAAPA – The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions

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