Brazilian International Toy Fair sees good performance in Brazilian industry

The Brazilian toy industry ended 2019 with R$ 7.3 billion in revenues, growing by just over 6% compared to the year prior and nearly three times higher than the international market average, which was at 2.1% for the period.

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The sector expects to repeat this performance in 2020, and most of the business projected for the year was initiated during the four days of the Brazilian International Toy Fair (ABRIN), which ended on March 11, in São Paulo. 

The event brought together 140 Brazilian manufacturers and welcomed 14,500 professional visitors. Around 1,500 launches were featured, supplying stores throughout the year. Among the experiences and content geared toward retail modernization, there were over 100 hours of attractions.

Promoted by the Brazilian Association of Toy Manufacturers (ABRINQ) and Francal Feiras, ABRIN is the world’s third largest toy fair, trailing only the Nuremberg International Toy Fair (Europe) and the Hong Kong Toys & Game Fair (Asia). This last edition was held over an area of 30,000 sqm, 22% more than in 2018. 


There has been continual growth in the Brazilian toy industry since 2011, when revenues were at R$ 3.46 billion. According to Synésio Costa, ABRINQ President, the current scenario of global economic uncertainty could represent a window of opportunity for the national industry. “Brazil isn’t going to suffer from toy supplies running out, because our factories are prepared to meet the demand that will be transferred from China,” he says.

Right now, 52% of toys sold in Brazil are made in-country. If the current scenario remains unchanged, Costa believes that this share could jump to 65%, with the potential to create around 10,000 jobs in the industry.

In addition, ABRINQ is working with official Brazilian agencies to combat unfair competition, intensifying falsified toy apprehensions, advocating for a longer tax payment period for manufacturers and centralizing toy imports in fewer ports.

The Brazilian toy industry generates 34,000 jobs, including direct and third-party workers. The main lines are: dolls and action figures (19%), vehicles (16%), sporting goods (12%) and games (10%).


The Brazilian Association of Toy Manufacturers – ABRINQ is the official trade association of the toy industry and sector. 

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