From 8 to 11 June 2016, at the Biennale Pavilion in São Paulo’s Ibirapuera Park, the focus was once again entirely on all things organic. In this connection, the 12th BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR registered a visitor record: 19,051 (2015: 17,669) international visitors came to obtain information from 117 (2015: 122) exclusively organic product exhibitors on the latest products and services in the sector. One highlight on the first two days of the fair was organized business meetings between 95 exhibitors and potential business partners from all over the world. A total of 3,420 discussions, meetings and numerous business transactions were conducted, which are expected to generate an estimated turnover of more than 750,000 US Dollars within the next year. On the last two days of the fair, in addition to the trade visitors and specialists, end-consumers also obtained information on trends and innovations on the Brazilian organic market. Maria Valle, International Sales NürnbergMesse Brasil, is satisfied: “The growing interest of the Brazilians in a healthy lifestyle is reflected not only in the development on the international organic market, which in 2015 alone grew by approximately 35 %, but also in the full aisles in the exhibition halls.” There was also satisfaction all the way for the international sponsor of the event, IFOAM. They expressed praise for the number, high quality and diversity of the visitors. From exporters, local suppliers and small farmers right up to well-known major companies, everything and everybody was represented at BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR.

Organized business meetings with good results

Once again in 2016 at BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR, exhibitors and trade visitors were provided with the opportunity to register for organized business meetings. The aim of these meetings is to generate further impetus for the Brazilian organic products markets (organic turnover currently around 36 million US Dollars a year). Set up by Francal Feiras, organizer of BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR, 3,420 contacts were generated. Buyers from major international chains such as Carrefour or Coop also participated. In the final analysis, 40 percent more deals and transactions were concluded than in 2015. The resulting turnover is expected to reach 750,000 US Dollars within the next year. This year, the discussion procedure of the meetings was optimized to a certain extent: on the buyers’ side there were various groups. Each company was allowed to present itself and its products in the discussion group within one minute using fact sheets, catalogues and business cards. This was then followed by discussions, which when required, were regulated in duration by a moderator. As a result, each interested party received a contact opportunity. The companies alternated between the groups so as not having to face the same contacts again. In this process, according to the conclusion drawn by Francal Feiras, the dynamism of the format had a discussion-promoting effect. Participation was open exclusively to registered specialists and professionals from the organic and natural products segments.

Exhibitors highly satisfied

There was also a lot of praise for BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR 2016 on the exhibitors’ side. Todd Wichmann, President, Managing Director and founder of HealthPro Brands Inc., USA, says: “We are very satisfied with the discussions on our stand. Previously we had no sales and marketing in place for our brands in Brazil and made use of BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR in order to offer our certified organic products to numerous buyers. The response was enormous. I can therefore recommend to every organic company wishing to export to Brazil that they exhibit at BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR.” Erick Carvalho Pinto, partner at Do pé ao Pote, Brazil, was also full of praise: “We have been exhibiting at BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR for four years. This time was definitely the best for us, both with regards to the visitor quality as well as the business deals – and all that despite the current difficult situation in the country. I am positively surprised.” Gilberto Lima, Commercial Manager at Souvie, Brazilian, says: “I was already familiar with the fair as a visitor. This year we have now introduced our brand to the Brazilian market. Not only the exhibition location in São Paulo is ideal, it was also a fantastic experience with regard to business. We impressed numerous buyers from the wholesale and retail trade with our products. Simply fantastic!” Rose Bezecry, owner of Cativa Natureza, Brazil, describes her experiences as follows: “We are absolutely happy with how well our products were received by the visitors. Compared to the three previous events, this exhibition participation was definitely our most intensive. Despite the current crisis in the country, we are also sensing an increased readiness on the part of organic companies to get their products on to the Brazilian market. Great!” There was feedback from Peru, Giancarlo Obando, Managing Director Empório Agro Peruano: “We really liked the fair. In 2017, we will even be represented with a larger stand. We had over 100 contacts with potential customers and thanks to the marketing of quinoa, maca, yacon, locust bean gum and camu-camu alone, in the next 12 months we are expecting sales of over 100,000 US Dollars.”

Successful forum with exciting lectures and presentations

In addition to the comprehensive product show, the International Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Forum also attracted many visitors again. Presentations with value-added were delivered by sector connoisseurs and organic experts from agencies and authorities, for example Leonardo Leite de Barros, President of the Brazilian Association of Organic Farming (ABPO). Representatives from IFOAM and diverse certification authorities also participated. Presentations on the market were provided among others by Vincent Morel from certifier Ecocert América Latina as well as exhibition expert Iride Ciaccia from LC International Srl Italy. At the same time, she also participated as a representative of Bioagricoop, a non-profit making organization for the promotion and development of organic agriculture and sustainable development, at BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR and describes her exhibition impressions as follows: “This magnificent event also makes it possible for small organic companies to develop a broad network in Brazil – which is optimal for product introduction! We have also been outstandingly successful in further heightening awareness for the value of European organic certification.”  The 13th BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA – BIO BRAZIL FAIR is being held from 07 – 10 June 2017 in the Biennale Pavilion, Ibirapuera Park, in São Paulo.

The next BIOFACH events:
• BIOFACH, Nuremberg: 15 – 18 February 2017
• BIOFACH AMERICA, Baltimore: 22 – 24 September 2016
• BIOFACH INDIA, Delhi: 10 – 12 November 2016
• BIOFACH CHINA, Shanghai: 25 – 27 May 2017
• BIOFACH JAPAN, Tokyo: 24 – 26 August 2017


NürnbergMesse has established and proven expertise in the organic foods field. In Nuremberg each year, the international sector comes together at BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food. With five other BIOFACH events in Japan, the United States, South America, China and India, the BIOFACH World is present all around the globe and each year brings together a total of over 3,000 exhibitors and 100,000 trade visitors.


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